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Friday, 15 June 2012

No ifs, ands or butts: That’s me not Kim Kardashian in ‘Kanye West’ tweet, says porn star

Porn star Amia Miley claims credit for nude photo mistaken to be Kim Kardashian

A nude photo bearing a likeness to Kim Kardashian has gone viral, but porn star Amia Miley insists it's actually her in the photo

The photo of a woman's bare derriere that has gone viral on Twitter certainly looks like Kanye West's voluptuous gal pal Kim Kardashian, but a porn star is claiming credit for those curves. The nude woman in the picture has long brunette locks and appears to be sitting on the edge of a hotel bed eating a meal from a room service table.

Reps for West earlier this week denied he tweeted the image or that it had posted to his feed after rumors spread that the rapper's Twitter account had been hacked.

Porn star Amia Miley says the proof is in her piercings.

Amia Miley and 'Jersey Shore' regular, The Unit, were in Los Angeles talking to TMZ on Wednesday.

Close inspection of the Twitter photo reveals two indentations on the woman's lower back, which Miley says are the marks of two stud piercings.

"I took the photo, like, a couple years ago ... in London," Miley told TMZ. "Not Kanye West's hotel room."

Miley showed her back piercings on camera to prove the curvy bedside backside is hers.

Amia Miley showed her back piercings to TMZ to prove the photo is her.

When asked about the circumstances of the sultry pose, the adult film star said shrugging, "That's how I like to eat breakfast."

And later when a TMZ cameraman asked how she felt about the flurry of comparisons to Kardashian, Miley seemed almost offended.

"She's a very beautiful girl, but I think it's a silly comparison," she said. "Just because we both have brown hair and booties doesn't mean we look alike."

Miley went a step further, staking her claim to the nude photograph on Twitter.

"I'm not going 2 argue about whether that pic is me or not.. want proof? look at the back dimple piercings. kim k doesn't have those," Miley tweeted on Wednesday.

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